How to Lose Fat Fast! Fat Loss Tips to Incorporate Now

There are so many methods to losing weight, and today we're going to mention some of the fastest, most effective methods available. Some are much easier than others, but they all require work and commitment. Results are never instant, so erase that idea from your head this instant.

Fat Loss Method #1: HIIT

High-intensity intervals are incredible for fat loss. In a study in the Journal of Applied Physiology scientists discovered that reducing exercise time but increasing training intensity produced far greater results compared to lengthier sessions of lower-intensity effort. This mode is known as high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) 

HIIT is a series of very short, intense sprints followed by a longer time of rest. Intervals can range anywhere from 10 seconds to 60 seconds, but we recommend you start with 30 seconds sprints, followed by one minute, thirty seconds rest. Start with four of these a day, 3-5 days a week, and add one every week until you're doing ten intervals every time. Doing too much too quickly will only result in pain and injury, so go easy on yourself (within reason).


If you cut calories, you're going to lose weight. That's just science. You can use a website like to calculate your calories, or you can step it up and use an app like My Fitness Pal, which not only counts your calories, but has nutritional data for just about every food imaginable and tracks your steps! There's a free version of that app, but the paid version is very much worth it. 

The other thing you want to be cognizant of is to not reduce your calorie intake too much. Reduce your calorie intake by 10-15% tops. If you're overweight and your body is used to consuming 3,000 calories a day and you drop down to 500 calories like a mad man (or woman) you're going to destroy your metabolism. It's not worth it. And it's not sustainable. Slow and steady wins the race. 

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We know, drinking is a lot of fun! "Remember that time when"seems to almost always involve drinking. At the very least, limit consumption to the weekends, and don't drink anything with sugar in it. 

When you consume alcohol your body stops digesting food and directs all effort to metabolizing the alcohol now in your system. Your metabolism in a sense takes a break from burning food for fuel and that food typically gets stored as fat in the process. Only once the alcohol has been metabolized is your body restored to its natural function. 

Although alcohol is indeed a poison and bad for your body, soda is the baddest kid on the block. Just take a look at this infographic on the effects of soda in the body. 

Nuts, right? On top of all that, it's empty calories! It serves no purpose! Destroys your teeth, your body, and makes you fat. Cut it out! Same goes for diet coke. You can get away with diet coke calorically, but diet coke has been scientifically proven to damage the brain. Diet coke contains aspartame, a powerful excitotoxin. Excitotoxins are substances added to certain foods and beverages that can literally stimulate nerve cells to death, causing gradual damage to your brain. 

If you love soda and feel you are addicted but want to quit, try drinking 1/2 soda, 1/2 carbonated water. When I was eliminating soda from my diet I did a blend of 1/3 lemonade, 1/3 sprite, and 1/3 club soda. Quite delicious actually! You can do it, and you should. 


I'm telling you; though this is very tough mentally (how much better is it to sit with a warm cup of coffee and slowly wake up?) the results in your pursuit towards fat loss will be tenfold. When you wake up from a full night's rest, your body has typically burned all the food from the day before, so your stomach is essentially "empty". If you go and hop on a treadmill or stairmaster and do 20-30 minutes of low intensity cardio, you're going to burn all fat! Because your body has nothing else to burn! When you work out later in the day, which is totally fine, you won't burn fat as much because you will have already eaten. If you want to up your fat loss, faster, wake up every morning and do 20-30 minutes of low intensity cardio. Give it just five days. You'll see a difference. 


This makes all the difference. If you can get a significant other or a friend to partner up with you in fight against fat you will see more results. There will be times when both of you want to quit, and the other will be there to lift you up. Find a partner. If you don't have any friends who are serious about getting in great shape, find a MeetUp or try out the app Gym Comrade


One! That's it. One cheat meal a week where you let yourself go all out. Oreo Cookie bacon sandwiches dipped in pizza grease, as many as you can eat without throwing up. Okay, don't do that, but really, take one meal a week where you let yourself eat whatever the heck you want. This will allow you to stay the course with eating healthier through the week, and it will spike your metabolism because of the drastic, momentary adjustment in calories. 

So tonight, pig out! I mean really go for it. And tomorrow begin a new weight loss plan where you're consuming 15% less calories than your daily suggested caloric intake. Cut out soda and booze. Work out in the morning. Do intervals. Find a buddy. And look forward to that cheat meal next week because it's gonna be epic! Only if you commit to excellence for the entire week. 

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Keep pushing. We're proud of you.

- Brad & Jacob